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Alarm Systems
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Fingerprint Reading Systems
Monitoring Center
Turnstile and Barrier Systems
Card Access Control Systems
Automatic Switching Systems
x-Ray Systems

Physical Security
    Physical security unit, are fully based on manpower, our security employees are equipped with uniform  and  a radio-dispatched tranciever. Our company is protected the banks, factories, residential, business, trade, concerts, meeting and so on. As soon as the request of the administration or risk situations such as to substitute the event interferes with the security teams.

    Özel Güvenlik Sistemleri Ltd. over 300 security guard is at work at the moment. This number was only 15 the first few days.

  • Fixed Security
  • Organization Safety
  • Personal Protection

    Burglar alarm systems protects businesses, private propertys and protects systems against theft and robbery incidents. These systems are applied correctly to the project and have the ability to protect against serious theft.

    70-80% of robbers who notice the alarm systems outside are willing to abandon the event of theft.

    Any attempt of theft, the burglar alarm systems, motion detectors, glass break detectors, magnetically contacts with the theft detection and quickly detects sound, light or  phone calls, a monitoring center shall inform the search paths with the theft attempt.

    Fire alarm systems are now in need of legal requirements and therefor various facilities, including houses, plazas, industrial facilities, public institutions, and so on. On-site fire alarm system, smoke, flame, heat detectors  alert you at any stage by means of starting a fire and more quickly to minimize the loss of life and property.

  • Anti-Theft Systems
  • Fire Systems

    Özel Güvenlik Sistemleri Ltd., the international technology market, managed branding unique, high-tech, high-quality product range, is also a partnership with the leading companies in its class.

    Electronic security and automation systems is rapidly becoming a distinguished company. Özel Güvenlik Sistemleri Ltd. the most advanced technology in the aforementioned areas, to target the customer group, the company's mission is to provide the highest quality and affordable prices, as adopted.

  • Closed Circuit Camera Systems
  • DVR Systems
  • Computer Aided Camera Systems

    Each person has a different special individual fingerprint. One of the methods of biometric fingerprint identification is to move or eliminate the need for carrying a card or a key.

    The card system is the biggest advantage so far, if another member of staff pushes someone elses personal card then the card will be blocked automatically.

Both Identity Card, the Membership Card;
    To all, in the special photo card there is a chip card reader, remote sufficient to show through. Water-and scratch-resistant cards that will last a lifetime. Scratches caused by friction and breaking the old barcode technology does not happen.

    If you do not want to waste your energy, you need to check your timing. You need a good system to check time. This is a system that calculates when staff come and go to work, overtime, vacation and then the time automatically transfers to the bodro program.

    Private security personnel attendance, easy to fulfill all these requirements prevents energy loss of a long-running tallys and eliminates the calculations.

  • Fingerprint Reading Systems
  • Iris Lens Reading Systems  
  • Cardiovascular Reading Systems

    Monitoring center, burglary, robbery, fire, threats, sabotage, taking with you all kinds of protective measures, housing, banks, factories, offices, stores, etc.. your goods all types of real estate and a unit established to provide protection and safety of your life.

    Thanks to the alarm receiving center, with the opening and closing hours of workplace and determination of electrical or telephone cuts, gives you 100% protection and safety at the workplace, such as through the information provided.

    In addition, the reliability of the system we are providing 24 hours technical support, intervention team and unlimited repors.

  • Alarm Systems
  • Fire Systems
  • Insurance
  • Life Time Warranty
    Access control systems, also known as transition control systems, where workplaces and factories need to  control the entry and exit of people. Checking your organization and authentication is required, so that private people or employees can pass through a section and prevent other users from passing. Security access cards control all the systems through all input and output movements which are recorded in detail onto a computerized monitor. The computerized system can imediatly give you a report on who at any time used which door for either an input or output service.

  • Card Access Control Systems

    Automatic switching systems are usually allocated to you in parking lots due to an ETC device it allows you to switch systems without pausing, a lot like access control or fingerprint recognition systems, where time is not wasted.

  • Automatic Switching Systems
    Turnstile, access control systems, is very important for access control. Access control is achieved by using a tourniquet system, also the configuration of the different models. The purpose of the turnstile is to have the access and control of the security systems associated, as requested. There are a wide variety of models and unwanted visits to ''Turnstile Systems'' establishing security is provided.

    With the same security barrier systems, such as parking controls can be used in large volumes of input and output objects.

  • Turnstile Systems
  • Barrier Systems
    x-Ray devices in general can detect items that you carry along by your side such as bags, telephones parcels letters ect.  x-Ray devices can not only detect these items they can also view inside closed pakages and bags. This device requires the use of a short term operator training. There are various types of x-Ray devices by purpose.

    Such as shopping centers, private or institutional building entrances or entry and exit points, bag and package content control, special security levels for areas of envelopes for mail and determination of content or control packets, contents of container or truck, or similar areas of customs control areas, determined by the security forces suspected packages can be used for content control.

  • x-Ray Door Systems
  • x-Ray Belt Systems
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