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Fingerprint Reading Systems
    Each person has a different special individual fingerprint. One of the methods of biometric fingerprint identification is to move or eliminate the need for carrying a card or a key.

    The card system is the biggest advantage so far, if another member of staff pushes someone elses personal card then the card will be blocked automatically.

Both Identity Card, the Membership Card;
    To all, in the special photo card there is a chip card reader, remote sufficient to show through. Water-and scratch-resistant cards that will last a lifetime. Scratches caused by friction and breaking the old barcode technology does not happen.

    If you do not want to waste your energy, you need to check your timing. You need a good system to check time. This is a system that calculates when staff come and go to work, overtime, vacation and then the time automatically transfers to the bodro program.

    Private security personnel attendance, easy to fulfill all these requirements prevents energy loss of a long-running tallys and eliminates the calculations.

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