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Alarm Systems
    Burglar alarm systems protects businesses, private propertys and protects systems against theft and robbery incidents. These systems are applied correctly to the project and have the ability to protect against serious theft.

    70-80% of robbers who notice the alarm systems outside are willing to abandon the event of theft.

    Any attempt of theft, the burglar alarm systems, motion detectors, glass break detectors, magnetically contacts with the theft detection and quickly detects sound, light or  phone calls, a monitoring center shall inform the search paths with the theft attempt.

    Fire alarm systems are now in need of legal requirements and therefor various facilities, including houses, plazas, industrial facilities, public institutions, and so on. On-site fire alarm system, smoke, flame, heat detectors  alert you at any stage by means of starting a fire and more quickly to minimize the loss of life and property.

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